Happy International Women’s Day 2022 everyone!

Big shout out to our MD Erika who ensures Mattika is the way that it is and everything goes so smoothly! What would we do without you eh?! So, a huuuuuuuge THANK YOU for all your hard work.


Here is the good lady herself, the face behind the voice/emails……

We are very excited to announce that we have a new addition to our Mattika family – Marlow! He is the same style, a Swift Edge (Black edition) 486, with the lovely rear lounge with lots of windows to let the light come flooding in and give you many angles on the wonderful views you may have outside. This lounge area takes 3o seconds to converts to a double bed when it’s time to rest your weary legs. This is also the same style as some of our existing fleet our, (Magnus and Mabel) as we found from our customer satisfaction survey that this was the most popular model in our Mattika family. Here is the beauty himself below……..


So, get in touch if you would like to try some of the wonderful places our amazing country has to offer in a luxury motorhome from Mattika. You won’t be left disappointed!


The diary at Mattika HQ really is filling up extremely quickly indeed for the traditionally labelled school “6 weeks summer holidays” this July and August. We now only have the following left across our whole fleet:


A most welcome step was taken by Northumberland council last week to alleviate the increase in motorhomes on the road that can’t find sites to stay on. Now you can appreciate their wonderful county with its breathtaking coastal scenery, at a fraction of the cost, but you do need to pre-book and there are only a handful of spots available.  To read the full article click on the link:





If you are planning on a motorhome adventure this year, don’t leave it too long! As you can see, all dates in the school holidays are filling up fast, but as well as this, so are the sites you would want to stay on. So, DON’T DELAY and GET IN TOUCH TODAY!!

There’s been a flurry of activity since the turn of the year. All 4 vehicles are now fully sold out on the “Easter holidays”, well until Saturday 23rd April.


So, don’t delay and enquire today!




We are very much SOLD OUT for the Summer and have been for some time, but we do have these 2 snippets left in September, then after that it’s October.  However, we do occasionally get a cancellation, so it’s still always worth getting in touch as it might just be your lucky day as you get the chance to experience one of the luxurious Team Mattika fleet.

Meet the 4th addition to the team – Magnus, a Swift 486 Edge Black Edition.  So, he looks just like the twins (Swift 476’s) from the outside, he is also the same when you walk in the door and turn left, so there’s still an overcab double bed and a front dining area, the bathroom is the same and the kitchen is pretty much apart from the sink and oven swap sides, don’t ask, we don’t know! lol. So, what’s the difference I hear you ask? Well, basically he is more like our Marge, with a back lounge area, that converts to a huuuuge double bed on the night-time. SO, for those of you who like more light (lots more windows at the back) and more space, Magnus could be the guy for you! However, if you can’t be bothered with the hassle of making a bed up every night of your 2 week holiday, then stick with the twins!

He will of course have all the added extras we give you for that extra comfort and luxury, so a TV, 4 bike bike rack, solar panel, etc all come as standard with Mattika.

Here’s a sneak peek of him, due July 2021…!!!!


Marge is our gorgeous existing vehicle, but it seems she’s just not enough! So many of you want to have a memory making UK staycation that we just can’t fulfil demand, sooooo….meet the Twins Marvin and Mavis – Swift Edge 476 Black Editions. Not due ’til Spring 2021 (all being well Covid-19-wise), but we thought we would give you a sneak peek in the meantime as they are just too good to keep to ourselves…..(photos courtesy of the Swift brochure)