If you are planning on a motorhome adventure this year, don’t leave it too long! As you can see, all dates in the school holidays are filling up fast, but as well as this, so are the sites you would want to stay on. So, DON’T DELAY and GET IN TOUCH TODAY!!

Although we may be closed for the Winter season (see our previous blog post), we are still hard at work behind the scenes deposit cleaning, stock taking, repairing and getting our fleet in top notch condition for 2022 season.


So, get in touch to arrange a viewing or to make a booking AS we are FILLING UP fast, particularly the school holidays, even October half-term has bookings already!!!!

There’s been a flurry of activity since the turn of the year. All 4 vehicles are now fully sold out on the “Easter holidays”, well until Saturday 23rd April.


So, don’t delay and enquire today!




We have taken the decision to close (for hires) for this Winter season, reopening in the Spring (end of March). You will find most hire companies do this, with the main reason being the weather can be so unpredictable and therefore potentially hazardous to drive in. I personally wouldn’t like to wake up at the other end of the country to a hard frost and a very low (but probably beautiful nonetheless!) winter sun, knowing I had to drive someone else’s very precious vehicle.  We do hope you understand our decision and that it still wasn’t taken lightly.  We are more than happy to direct you to the few companies we know are still hiring in the winter of course.

We are still open for VIEWINGS and BOOKINGS of course! So get in touch today to arrange yours.

We are very much SOLD OUT for the Summer and have been for some time, but we do have these 2 snippets left in September, then after that it’s October.  However, we do occasionally get a cancellation, so it’s still always worth getting in touch as it might just be your lucky day as you get the chance to experience one of the luxurious Team Mattika fleet.

Meet the 4th addition to the team – Magnus, a Swift 486 Edge Black Edition.  So, he looks just like the twins (Swift 476’s) from the outside, he is also the same when you walk in the door and turn left, so there’s still an overcab double bed and a front dining area, the bathroom is the same and the kitchen is pretty much apart from the sink and oven swap sides, don’t ask, we don’t know! lol. So, what’s the difference I hear you ask? Well, basically he is more like our Marge, with a back lounge area, that converts to a huuuuge double bed on the night-time. SO, for those of you who like more light (lots more windows at the back) and more space, Magnus could be the guy for you! However, if you can’t be bothered with the hassle of making a bed up every night of your 2 week holiday, then stick with the twins!

He will of course have all the added extras we give you for that extra comfort and luxury, so a TV, 4 bike bike rack, solar panel, etc all come as standard with Mattika.

Here’s a sneak peek of him, due July 2021…!!!!


Boris keeps changing those quarantine rules every 5minutes! So why not book a UK staycation with Mattika where you’re in your own bubble and there’s no need to quarantine on return. BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment. #exploredrivesmile


Marge is our gorgeous existing vehicle, but it seems she’s just not enough! So many of you want to have a memory making UK staycation that we just can’t fulfil demand, sooooo….meet the Twins Marvin and Mavis – Swift Edge 476 Black Editions. Not due ’til Spring 2021 (all being well Covid-19-wise), but we thought we would give you a sneak peek in the meantime as they are just too good to keep to ourselves…..(photos courtesy of the Swift brochure)